August 25, 2012

Voyager: Shanghai

This summer, I took my first trip to Asia - to Shanghai to be exact. Before arriving, I had an image of the city as very fast and chaotic, like New York or Tokyo perhaps. But in fact, it has a very relaxed feeling. The fashion there is quite loud at times, with some of the craziest shoes I have ever seen. My favorite area was the French Concession, where there are many cafes and boutiques and you can walk along the tree lined streets. One thing I was very worried about before coming was the cuisine. But there was quite a range of great restaurants and cafes from Italian to Japanese, and one I probably ate at 20 times was the Wagas cafe with a range of sandwiches, salads, and small entrees. On top of that, massages were $15! Way to de-stress! I also had the chance to hike the Yellow Mountains (which is where James Cameron got inspiration for Avatar)! It is truly breathtaking. 

Enjoy the photos!

View on the Bund at a beach club

Bali Laguna Restaurant

In front of a lily pond

The Chinese love pandas

View at the Yellow Mountains

"Flying Over Rock" at the Yellow Mountains

Chinese toys

Yuyuan Gardens

At the Yuyuan Gardens, wearing The Webster for The Shops at Target
dress and J.Crew sandals

View from the Park Hyatt in Pudong (the 2nd highest building in the world!)

M50 - a really cool area for a collection of art galleries

As I said before, crazy shoes.

Wearing my new sunglasses by See Eyewear

Kommune restaurant on the very cute Taikang Lu little streets

View from the Bund 

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  1. I went to China this summer too, although I only spent two days in Shanghai. I agree about the crazy shoes and believe me you see it in Beijing, Hangzhou, Suzhou, and Hong Kong too! I can't wait to go back! I hope you had a chance to visit the Great Wall.