October 23, 2012

Dress for rent

This amazing dress I "rented" from a friend's sister. She made this great new concept called "Rentez-Vous" where girls come together at a party and bring a few things that they wouldn't mind letting someone else "rent" from them for 2 weeks. We all borrow our friends clothes, but you know when sometimes you dont get that cardigan you wear everyday back or something spills on one of your favorite shirts. With "Rentez-Vous," the renter puts a "cautionary" down on top of a small fee for dry cleaning, etc. And not only that, but girls can come together and socialize over shopping through each others clothes! 
I saw this dress and loved it instantly! And I only paid 7 euros for it! The dark green is so great for the fall. But the flared shoulders and studded top part is what makes it a show-stopper. I will miss it!