February 22, 2012

Best of Fall 2012 Ready-to-Wear (London)

Burberry Prorsum
Christopher Bailey always creates the best and wearable coats that are so fashion forward. This season, it seems his inspiration came a little from the 1940's and even a little from the 1800's menswear in England, with a town and country combination. Details, like bellowed pockets, bows, and owls on the t-shirts, added a playful touch on somewhat serious silhouettes. The colors are what I think I love the most. Darker colors for fall and winter are so sophisticated, then you can add a little color here and there. Bailey chose very beautiful greys and browns with light pinks, mustard yellow, and other nice colors.

The first thing I noticed about Temperley's collection was the rich beautiful fabrics. She used nice metallics and of course silks for evening gowns. The colors were also very rich- golds, maroon, blues, and other lovely ones. I love the Russian influence, also, with the fur hats and folklike florals.

Moschino Cheap and Chic
Even though I do not particularly like lots of bright colors and pastels for fall, I do love Moschino's whistfully playful use of color and prints always used in the Cheap and Chic line. It reminds me of when childhood with dolls. 

ALC is so nicely wearable. Collections always are able to take vintage looks (especially from the 1960's and 70's) and make them modern. Some silhouettes are boyish, but paired with skinny trousers and pointed pumps it is so chic!

Made famous by Kate Middleton, Queen of Wales, Issa surely incorporates the royal rich colors into a very beautiful collection. Russian influences were used, yet again, with fur trimmed sleeves. As well as some Siberian influences with paisley printed dresses and velvet leggings under beautiful cinched-waist dresses. 


  1. I love the proposal Burberry Prorsum.


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  3. Great post! I love the Burberry collection :)
    And A.L.C is lovely.

  4. Good picks! my number one was also Burberry... :)

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